Chariot Logistics Inc



About Us

Chariot Logistics was founded in 2012 by Joe DiLeo, who saw the problematic nature of third -party logistics and set out to change the industry. Working in the transportation industry, Joe quickly realized that 3PLs consistently put their organization’s benefit above the customers they serve, going against everything he stood for. He built Chariot with the purpose of “Carrying people to a better place” and putting that purpose over profits.

At Chariot, we realize that we exist to handle our customer’s problems. And in an era of increasing competition, the only thing that sets us apart is service. Chariot Logistics has experienced tremendous organic growth, doubling revenues every year since opening. This success is a result of our company’s purpose and Core Values: Trust, Growth, Dedication, Humility, and Transparency.

At Chariot, we live our Core Values every day, come see the difference.

Your Chariot awaits.