Rock Springs Retreat Center


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About Us

What is Rock Springs Retreat Center?
Rock Springs Retreat Center is an exclusive destination limited to 24 rooms for your personal and private getaway. In the words of our founder, RSRC is “a destination meant to be experienced.” Everything we have to offer is centered around providing activities to make you laugh like a kid again.

Whether you are here for a personal retreat or a group event, the activities we provide will make your time at RSRC something to remember. Connect with others or reconnect with yourself on our pastoral resort of excitement and adventure. Travel alone or with a friend; we’re here to help you hit the reset button and rediscover yourself and new friendships along the way.

What is Fit Farm at Rock Springs?
Fit Farm encompasses all of the fitness, wellness, and weight loss programs within the Rock Springs Retreat Center and is our facility's original name. Owners Kris Intress and Pat Stefen transformed this beautiful horse farm in middle Tennessee to what has become to be known as Fit Farm. Both come from a farmer's life in Wisconsin, and they immediately identify farmers as the pillar of strength, hard work, and the simplicities of life.