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Our Heritage,
Your Future
Embark on a journey with Mohawk Textiles, LLC, a dynamic force born out of the legacy of Mohawk Fabric Company, a stalwart with over a century of textile mastery. As a young and innovative manufacturer, we specialize in commercial technical textiles that transcend industries globally.
Precision at Every Thread
Explore our intricate process of yarn preparation, warp knitting, weaving, and the meticulous scouring and finishing of materials. Mohawk Textiles is committed to the highest standards, emphasizing technical fabrics crafted with precision to meet the most demanding specifications.
Innovating the Future
with Technical Textiles
Our emphasis on innovation is woven into every fabric, ensuring we deliver solutions that go beyond expectations.

Technical Precision: Our commitment to tight specifications sets us apart in the world of technical textiles.
Global Impact: Our fabrics are trusted by industries worldwide for their reliability and performance.
Connect with us and step into the future of precision textiles.

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Mr. Schuyler Wade
General Manager