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Half Batch Brewing has its roots in the kitchen of a college apartment in Baton Rouge. That’s where, in 1995, I brewed my first beer. Of course, I immediately wanted to do it for a living, but it was a long road from those days to opening the doors to the Half Batch Brewing public room in 2017.

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I graduated from college in the spring of 1996 with a history degree, and set about trying to get a job in the beer industry. I had a few close calls, but eventually I had to put the dream of brewing beer for a living on hold. A lot of life happened in those twenty-plus years, but I always held onto the hope of opening a brewery of my own someday.

Then one day I decided the time was right. Our ticket here in this world is a one-way one, and you only get to ride once. So, I cashed in what I had for a retirement account, raised a little other money with some brave souls, quit a nice career, and opened Half Batch Brewing.

I opened Half Batch Brewing to share with people the thing that I love. My goal is for Half Batch Brewing to always produce the best beer we can possibly brew. Every time. Hence the motto “Half Batch Brewing – Never Half-Ass”. I hope all of you enjoy our creations.

Nathan S. Newton
Founder, Half Batch Brewing

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