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About Us

What is Firefly LED?
The Firefly LED team was formed to revolutionize the LED industry, and how LED providers manage their business. Our team works to provide the highest quality LED products available, at the most affordable prices.

How do we do that?
Using our knowledge and experience in the industry, spanning decades, we have partnered with a select few manufacturers to provide the latest and most cutting edge technology available.

We have designed our products with industry leading hardware, which limits the amount of potential failures and extends the life of each product. We believe in operating as efficiently as possible, focusing our efforts & energy on what really matters to our clients.

What can you expect from our website?
We wanted to streamline the purchasing process for clients who know exactly what they are looking for. Our website provides the ability to build and purchase a display directly on the site.

We have partnered with select companies and distributors who offer industry leading installation services. Again, allowing us to focus on our products and support, which provides a better value for our clients.